Autumn Winter 2013 is Inspired from American director Godfrey Reggio’s1982 experimental documentary film called “KOYAANISSQATSI” which in Hopi language translates to “life of moral corruption and turmoil” and depicts relationship between nature, humans and technology. Powerful music by Philip Glass and time lapse and slow motion photography with shocking visuals showing rockets exploding in the air are the hallmark feature of this no dialogue film. With an official collaboration with Swarvoski Elements, hand-woven fabrics have been designed and developed with Swarvoski crystal threads woven with in the fabric alongside Stainless Steel, Cotton, Mohair, Angora and silk using age old traditional weaving technique of Tangail and Jaamdani crafting engineered handloom couture. The collection confirms our belief in strengthening the relationship between traditional skills and progressive manufacturing techniques. With an element of progression and experimentation this collection is a new kind of juxtaposition of materials and techniques developing path breaking body of work within the context of contemporary Indian handlooms. Deep Blue, Purple , Black, industrial grey with Reds and Greens, define human involvement with nature and technology. Silhouettes are geometric with engineered angular forms, referencing energy establishments and urban landscapes
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